Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, between Old Town and Crystal City, the Evening Star Cafe is known for exceptional food, friendly but professional service, and an inviting, hip atmosphere.

Both a classic neighborhood restaurant and a destination for diners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Evening Star features sophisticated and eclectic American food, one of the region's most extensive and best-priced wine lists, and two separate lounges to relax in.

2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
In our opinion you should really consider Ruth Chris Steak House: Click here for the menu and making online reservations!
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20 indigenous foods historically and culturally important to North America

The world's vast biodiversity of food crops is a result of 3,000 million years of natural biological evolution, and 12,000 years of experimentation by farmers, herders and hunter-gatherers in selecting, collecting and cultivating the best food crops. However, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that since the 1900s, or in just one century, around 75 percent of the world's plant genetic diversity has been lost.

'A Brief History of Beer' offered Sunday

Dave Oberg, a home brewer and executive director of the Grayslake Heritage Center & Museum, will present "A Brief History of Beer" at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 24, at the McHenry County Historical Museum, 6422 Main St. in Union. From ancient China, Egypt and Sumaria to the modern age, this program uses fascinating anecdotes and images to trace the evolution of this refreshing beverage over a span of more than 9,000 years.

Breaking bread's bad rap

This is a primer on how to eat bread. Maybe that sounds like an inane exercise because you've been eating copious amounts of it all your life.

Creative Peaks: Slow Food at Altitude

From the People's Market to the LockhART Ranch party to the Teton Food Tour, the host of several popular food happenings is Slow Food in the Tetons. Their logo, the gently paced snail, says a lot about the organization's ethos.

Travel tips for Palestine: Why you should visit

They call it "the house of dignity". From the outside, however, the Bait al Karama headquarters looks like any other building in the Old City of Nablus, this 2000-year-old Palestinian settlement of stone houses and narrow, bustling alleyways.

Keith Fuller: Spread the word about St. Augustine's signature hot pepper

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in the last century, three-quarters of our foodstuffs have disappeared, with consumers no longer having access to them in the marketplace. The datil pepper is listed on the Ark of Taste, an initiative by the Slow Foods organization to promote varieties, breeds and other foods that have important historic and cultural connections.

K-food boom catches on outside of usual customer groups

From instant noodles to bread and beef broth soup, Korean food is gaining interest overseas from consumers outside of the usual group of Korean residents and a handful of Korea followers, a leading trade body said Monday. Korea's instant noodles, ramyeon, ranks second after Taiwan in the Chinese market for the product, but the speed of its growth in China's imports is obvious, according to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency in Wuhai.