Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, between Old Town and Crystal City, the Evening Star Cafe is known for exceptional food, friendly but professional service, and an inviting, hip atmosphere.

Both a classic neighborhood restaurant and a destination for diners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Evening Star features sophisticated and eclectic American food, one of the region's most extensive and best-priced wine lists, and two separate lounges to relax in.

2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
In our opinion you should really consider Ruth Chris Steak House: Click here for the menu and making online reservations!
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Experience slow food with the Vineyard Bread Project

I love coming into an interview on a clean slate, meeting a stranger you know one or two things about, and somehow ending up with a connection you never thought would develop. It's a fun part of writing this column, and it's exactly what happened when I met Kate Warner of the Vineyard Bread Project.

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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "Daniel and O's Road Trip/Daniel's Puppet Plan" Daniel and O's Road Trip - Daniel and O are pretending to go on a Trolley road trip. Where should they go? To the beach? To the vegetable garden? When they can't agree on where to travel to first, they learn that making a plan can help them solve their problem.

Taking the time to collect snails on stamps

Fiji issued four stamps in 2004 picturing its land snails. The 18A low denomination of the set depicts Placostylus malleatus.

Street food Palermo: A melting pot in the Mediterranean

Palermo, the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, at the heart of the Mediterranean, has been a crossroads between cultures for centuries and continues to do so today. Sicily is one of the southern-most points of Europe and the different conquerors and cultures which reigned there have all left a mark - not least on the food.

People's Market continues winter edition

The market will convene from 2 to 6 p.m. in the Teton County Fairgrounds Building on West Snow King Avenue, with over 20 vendors from the region offering food and goods. Vendors include Belle Eco, Daily Roots, Farmer Fred, Glory Bowl Soups, Lockhart Cattle Company, Vertical Harvest, Whole Lotta Salsa and others.

Singapore trio show the art of foraging for edible plants in Lion City

The foragers of Singapore: artists show guests how to find edible plants growing wild and the foods and drinks to make from them From the roadside berries that make a delicious jam to leaves you can infuse and the noni fruit which, fermented, can make a blue cheese, there's a feast of foods to be had for free. Juliana Loh takes a walk on the Lion City's wild side Our tour begins with a cool, fizzy welcome drink.

Herb Society hosts community seed organizer

The Herb Society of America will meet on Sunday, Jan. 15 at 1:30 p.m. in the Franklinville Community Center at 1584 Coles Mill Road in Franklinville. A presentation, by Jeff Quattrone on starting seeds for the garden will be given.

Smoked Poultry Products From Vietnam

There are several methods to prepare food, especially meats. Smoking cigarettes nevertheless; not just includes taste but increases life span.