Located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, between Old Town and Crystal City, the Evening Star Cafe is known for exceptional food, friendly but professional service, and an inviting, hip atmosphere.

Both a classic neighborhood restaurant and a destination for diners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, the Evening Star features sophisticated and eclectic American food, one of the region's most extensive and best-priced wine lists, and two separate lounges to relax in.

2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
In our opinion you should really consider Ruth Chris Steak House: Click here for the menu and making online reservations!
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Zero Tolerance for Delay

Has the internet been the real cause of "road rage"? Or the other recent rages: "till rage" meaning serious temper tantrums in supermarket checkout queues; "booth rage" where bank, transport or post office staff spend extra time with confused oldies or foreigners, or, worse, simply clock off by pulling down their blind or walking away while a long queue seethes with impatience. Anyone experienced "border rage" at airports, where getting through customs takes only marginally less time than the flight? What happened to the social stereotype of the orderly queue? The polite, fair-minded and fortitude-bearing Anglo-Saxons, happy to wait their turn "because we are all in this together".

Train station now go-to place for hungry crowds

The train doesn't stop here anymore, but the spot where passengers are now picked up is still visible from the patio at the Starving Artist. The station-cum-restaurant in Roblin has a train schedule on an outside wall just metres from the tracks.

Festival brings locally-sourced produce to Berwick

Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. With interest in craft beers and microbreweries at an all-time high, this year's Berwick Food & Beer Festival will be the place to be for real ale aficionados.

Waitress left 'LOL' tip instead of money on $112 tab: Stiffed server not amused

A New Jersey waitress was left an "LOL" tip instead of money on a $112 tab for a party of eight. MSN Eater reported August 24 that the stiffed server is not amused.

Aggressive acts towards cyclists discredits drivers

Local cyclists have reported that in recent weeks someone have taken it upon themselves to spray paint "No Cycling" five times on the road. Presumably, the same person or people have blacked out signs posted along the road that encourage sharing the stretch of highway.

Slow Food promotes regional specialty food at Australian conference

An international initiative to identify and catalogue regional produce at risk of being lost in the globalised trade of food, includes 22 Australian food products in its international list of 2,500. The Ark of Taste, a project of the Slow Food Movement, includes a range of specialty cheeses and hams, and rare livestock breeds.

New startat downtown eatery

Whether they're opening or closing, restaurants always seem to catch our attention. And even when they're changing names, it seems.

Business Beat

The summer may be slow but businesses in Sooke are heating up. There are changes and there are good things happening.